Digital X-rays

We use digital x-rays to provide a better dental experience.

Having an x-ray done is a common part of many dental visits. The latest alternative to traditional film x-rays, called digital radiography, is available at Merion Village Dental.

Merion Dental Village uses digital x-ray technology to improve your dental experience in four key ways:

  • Digital x-rays shorten the length of your visit! No more waiting around for the x-ray film to develop, the results of your digital x-ray can be viewed on a computer in seconds.
  • View your x-ray results in high definition! With high resolution images, we can magnify and adjust the brightness and color of the x-ray in order to catch decay extremely early.
  • Protect you from traditional x-ray radiation! Digital x-rays use a significantly less amount of radiation than traditional x-rays of the past.
  • Better for the environment! Because there is no film that needs developed in a digital x-ray, no chemical waste is created by the use of digital x-rays.

Your time is valuable, and we want to do everything we can to make sure you have the best dental experience possible.

Digital radiography ensures that you are getting the safest, most efficient, and highest quality x-rays. Come see for yourself.

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