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“The staff at Merion Village Dental was incredible. From start to finish, I felt like I was at a spa for my teeth.” ¬† – Derek D.

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Dr. Gregory Janikian OwnerView Bio
Dr. Harvey Vesha Founder & OwnerView Bio
Dr. Renee DiDonato Associate DoctorView Bio
Dr. Tarek Hammad Associate PartnerView Bio
Dr. Rebecca Bartlett¬† Associate DoctorView Bio
Dr. Kari Watts Associate DentistView Bio
Dr. Justin Gorr Associate DentistView Bio
Dr. Stephanie Dawson Associate DentistView Bio
Dr. Ashley Fortunato Associate DentistView Bio
Keturah HygienistView Bio
Loren HygienistView Bio
Carrie HygienistView Bio
Nikki Hygienist/EFDAView Bio
Savannah HygienistView Bio
Tiffany HygienistView Bio
Susan Director of Continuing Education and Staff DevelopmentView Bio
Brittaney HygienistView Bio
Rocky HygienistView Bio
Brii HygienistView Bio
Cieara EFDAView Bio
Asia EFDAView Bio
Rachel Registered Dental HygenistView Bio
Marla EFDAView Bio
Michelle EFDAView Bio
Kanisha EFDAView Bio
Naylea AssistantView Bio
Carrie AssistantView Bio
Gwen AssistantView Bio
Rachel AssistantView Bio
Iris AssistantView Bio
Christy Practice AdministratorView Bio
Sarah Business Office Team LeaderView Bio
Greg IT Director, Team Leader, & Marketing ManagerView Bio
Rachel Patient Care CoordinatorView Bio
Tim Scheduling CoordinatorView Bio
Amanda Patient Care CoordinatorView Bio
Ally Business Office Team LeaderView Bio
Gaile Patient Care CoordinatorView Bio
Amelia Social Media ManagerView Bio
Vicki Insurance CoordinatorView Bio
Erika Insurance CoordinatorView Bio
Cynthia Patient Care CoordinatorView Bio
Kristen Patient Care CoordinatorView Bio
Lynne Guest RelationsView Bio
Henry Scheduling CoordinatorView Bio
Ebony Patient Care CoordinatorView Bio
Briana Patient Care CoordinatorView Bio
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