About Gluma Desensitizer

Gluma is a desensitizing gel that we apply during routine corrections, such as tooth fillings, to protect newly restored teeth from sensitivity to everyday foods or drinks. It even helps our restorations last longer!

Incorporating Gluma Desensitizer into our restorative appointments allows us to:

  • Seal off the microscopic pores of teeth
  • Block nerve endings that may be close to the surface of gums
  • Desensitize sensitive areas such as exposed root surfaces
  • Prevent sensitivity after treatments
  • Improve the bonding of the filling material to the tooth
  • Reduce the risk of bacteria leaking into the tooth

The Gluma difference for Merion Village Dental patients

Many people rely on over the counter sensitivity agents to manage their slight discomfort following dental procedures. With Gluma desensitizer, our patients can benefit from instant results after just one application! It’s simply brushed right onto the affected area, sealing off the nerve-containing tubules of the tooth.

Overcome tooth sensitivity in one setting

If you’ve struggled with tooth sensitivity, ask us if a Gluma application is right for your unique case. Chat online today with a member of our team to schedule your appointment!

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