At Merion Village Dental, we utilize Diagnodent lasers to detect cavities before they can even be seen.

Using a laser and sonar technology to easily identify cavities, this technology allows us to thwart the damaging affects of decay at the earliest possible stage. The result? More affordable care that maximizes healthy tooth structure.

Catching tooth decay at its earliest stages, we can offer our patients:

  • Smaller fillings to save maximum tooth structure
  • Sealants to further protect suspect teeth
  • More affordable and convenient care
  • A chance to prevent spread of decay to other teeth
  • The ability to preserve the most amount of enamel possible

Using Diagnodent is simple and painless, and is utilized during routine visits like your bi-annual dental cleanings. One of our hygienists or assistant will use Diagnodent to record the density of your teeth across your entire mouth, honing in on areas that are the most susceptible to tooth decay.

How does Diagnodent work?

The Diagnodent laser is calibrated to healthy tooth enamel in your mouth. Then, the laser is scanned across the teeth, searching for teeth that are less dense than the healthy baseline reading. This density is a sign that hidden decay exists within a tooth, and will be indicated with an audible beep as well as a numerical indicator for our dentist.

Target hidden decay to experience your radiant best smile

Early diagnosis and care is the best way to prevent invasive, costly procedures down the road. If you suspect that you have a cavity, or simply want to have the peace of mind that you’re decay-free, chat online with a member of our team to schedule an appointment!

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