At Merion Village Dental, We Deliver Routine Dental Exams That Are Anything But Ordinary

Administered by a friendly and personal team, your routine appointment will be highly informative, interactive and efficient. These comprehensive assessments and thorough cleanings allow us to consistently monitor the oral health of our patients, target potential concerns at early stages – and keep smiles fresh and healthy for the long haul!

During Your Routine Exams, Our Team Will:

  • Check for early signs of tooth decay or plaque build-up
  • Gently examine gums to target gum disease and bone loss
  • Survey the mouth, neck and surrounding areas for signs of oral cancer
  • Discuss oral complications related to medical conditions
  • Identify risk factors like high blood pressure
  • Ask questions about your dental habits and goals
  • Listen as you describe any pain or dental problems you are experiencing

Why Those Biannual Dental Exams Are So Important

The health of your smile can impact your lifestyle, as well as other conditions such as diabetes, premature labor, or cardiovascular disease. Identifying areas of concern during a routine dental exam allows us to keep our patients’ smiles healthier, longer as well as contribute to your overall wellbeing and happiness.

New to Merion Village Dental? We Have A Special Appointment Just For You!

In order to become familiar with our new patients, your first visit will be a thorough and comprehensive appointment. During this session, we will review your medical and dental history together, become familiar with your dental goals, discuss any questions you may have, as well as administer a comprehensive exam and cleaning. If you’re visiting us for the first time, check out our New Patient’s pages for helpful information!

Regular Exams Help Us Protect Your Oral Health

We strongly recommend that you visit us every 6 months for a general exam and routine cleaning. Is is time for your annual appointment? Chat with a friendly member of our team today to schedule your appointment in minutes!

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