Root Canal Therapy

At Merion Village Dental, we are changing the way people think about root canals.

Root canal therapy has long held a bad reputation as an uncomfortable dental procedure, but with our sophisticated dental technology and friendly team, we can deliver endodontic therapy that is gentle and convenient. This treatment may be recommended to restore teeth that have experienced significant nerve damage or deep decay that threatens the integrity of a tooth.

Your comfort is our number one concern as we deliver gentle endodontic therapy that allows our dentists to:

  • Remove and seal out abscesses from recurring
  • Eliminate hypersensitivity of the damages tooth
  • Repair badly fractured or cracked teeth
  • Save a tooth for normal function for several years
  • Prevent the need for extracting the tooth

A closer look at the Root Canal procedure:

During endodontic therapy, our dentists will remove bacteria and damaged tooth structure from the crown and nerve chamber of the tooth. Once the nerve chamber has been completely cleaned out, a filling material is placed into the chamber to seal out new infection. The only alternative treatment to a root canal is to extract the affected tooth and select a tooth replacement in its place.

Post-procedure considerations & Root Canal recovery time

Because a root canal requires more time than a standard treatment or appointment, we recommend administering nitrous oxide at the onset of the procedure. If a severe nerve infection or abscess is present, we may prescribe an antibiotic to eliminate a large amount of the active bacteria.

After your root canal is completed, the tooth will need to be prepared, impressed, and have a crown placed over it to preserve its long-term function and health. This will require a second appointment, once a patients’ mouth has had proper time to heal. Most patients fully recover within a few days of their root canal procedure.

Never put a root canal off

If you're experiencing pain or discomfort in a tooth, it is important to pinpoint the cause of that pain as early as possible to save your smile. Chat online with a member of our Columbus Ohio team today to schedule your root canal appointment!

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