Oral Cancer Screening

Professional Oral Cancer Screenings In Columbus, Ohio

Merion Village Dental provides comprehensive oral cancer screenings to every patient during routine exams and visits. Early assessment of precancerous tissues is important in order to effectively battle oral cancer. If caught at an early stage, treatment can reverse the growth of cancerous cells.

Some patients are at a higher risk of developing the disease. Oral Cancer risk factors include:

  • Excessive use of alcohol
  • Use of smokeless tobacco products
  • Regular use of cigarettes, cigars, and pipes
  • HPV users
  • Significant exposure to the sun without adequate protection
  • Abnormal sores or lesions that do not heal within 2 weeks

The Importance Of Early Oral Cancer Detection

Oral cancer is considered a “silent killer” because it often goes undiagnosed until it is in the severe stages of the disease when it is too late to treat. Merion Village Dental conducts thorough visual and manual screenings to detect precancerous tissues and abnormal areas while they are as small as possible, improving the outcome of treatment and the likelihood of survival.

How Long Does A Screening Take? (Not Long At All!)

Your oral cancer screening takes only a minute or two at the most, administered during your routine exam. We will check for areas of red, white, raised lesions or tissue that appears abnormal. The most common areas of concern are the corners of the mouth, sides of the tongue, floor of the mouth, inside of the cheek, and the soft palate. If suspect areas are found, we may suggest radiography for further diagnosis.

Early diagnosis is the key to effective care

Identifying suspicious tissues at an early phase makes treatments more effective, and improves the prognosis of our patients. If an abnormal tissue is noted, we will take a small sample of the skin and send it to a laboratory for diagnosis. If you’re at an increased risk, or haven’t had an oral cancer screening in the last year, then it’s time to visit us. Chat with a trusted member of our team to schedule your appointment today!

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