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Sensitive Teeth Treatments Columbus Ohio

Know Your Treatment Options for Sensitive Teeth

Do you find yourself avoiding a nice cup of coffee in the morning or a delicious bowl of ice cream before bed because your teeth are sensitive? Merion Village Dental provides an array of solutions designed to restore tooth enamel and strengthen sensitive teeth. Kick the pain to the curb with professional sensitive teeth treatments and get back to enjoying the foods that you love!

Sensitivity in teeth is often the result of weakened enamel. The most common causes of weakened tooth enamel include:

  • Acidic foods such as lemons and grapefruits can wear down teeth
  • Aggressive brushing techniques can cause inflammation
  • Grinding teeth can wear away at tooth structure and expose nerve endings
  • Plaque build-up can begin eating away at healthy tooth enamel
  • Overuse of mouthwashes and whitening products can erode enamel

What You Can Do For Sensitive Teeth

From simple fluoride treatments to advance techniques, Merion Village can target weakened tooth enamel to overcome sensitive teeth. Our Columbus, Ohio dentists will work directly with you to pinpoint the pain and outline a clear treatment to reduce sensitivity and strengthen enamel. It’s time to stop wincing every time you bite down on one of your favorite foods!

Give your enamel the boost it needs.

If your avoiding certain foods are suffering from sensitive teeth, chat with a member of our team today! We would love to help you start kick the pain to the curb once and for all!

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