Biolase Laser

Biolase Lasers are keeping treatments simple at Merion Village Dentistry.

Using a combination of water and laser technology to gently remove tooth decay and to treat gum tissue without the use of an intimidating drill. The result of using biolase in our dental care is gentler, less invasive treatment with a shorter recovery time.

Laser use at Merion Village Dental improves the patient experience by:

  • Removing only the damaged portion of the tooth
  • Preventing discomfort and eliminating the use of drills
  • Giving dentists a more precise way of preparing teeth
  • Being open to use for several different types of treatment

By implementing Biolase into our office, we can offer alternative procedures like gingival recontouring, periodontal treatments, and decay removal. Lasers are a great alternative to more invasive procedures that involve drilling or surgery. Finally, a pain-free method for treating tooth decay!

Biolase makes dentistry more convenient

Depending on the type of treatment that is being completed, your Biolase procedure may only take a few minutes. Even traditional therapies, such as fillings, can be shortened with the use of a Biolase laser to remove precise amounts of tooth structure. We will determine the use of Biolase, as well as discuss any questions you may have, during a a discussion of your particular treatment plan.

At Merion Village Dental, you'll experience efficient dental care

If a high-pitch drill or the feeling of tooth preparation has kept you from getting your cavities treated, then it's time you take a step into our advanced dental office. Chat online with a member of our team today to schedule an appointment!

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