At Merion Village Dental, we apply natural-looking, tooth-colored fillings to restore smiles safely.

Composite fillings not only look great, they also require less preparation to your teeth than traditional metal fillings. The composite material bonds directly to enamel, allowing it to be placed in almost any area and functions to re-build damaged teeth. Each composite filling is custom-shaded to match the natural tooth enamel in your mouth.

What benefits does a composite filling have over traditional amalgam fillings?

Less invasive than traditional fillings
Mercury-free protecting both your smile and your overall health
Can be used on non-traditional areas, such as chipped front teeth
Cosmetically appealing with made-to-match coloring
Extremely durable and long-lasting
Allows restored teeth to function like normal teeth

We use only the highest grade materials for our fillings. Fillings are often used to repair teeth that are chipped or decayed on one, two, or three surfaces when damage is mild to moderate. More significant damage may require the use of an onlay or full coverage crown.

Getting a filling is a breeze with us!

Your comfort is our first priority during a filling appointment. During this process, we numb the area of the tooth that is to be treated before removing active decay and damaged tooth enamel. If necessary, we’ll also offer nitrous oxide or sedation to keep you at ease! In just one appointment, your tooth will be prepped and filled so that you can be on your way and back to a normal, pain-free routine.

Restore your teeth with natural-looking composite fillings

Putting treatment like fillings off will only allow tooth decay to worsen and further damage your teeth. If time or comfort is a concern, ask us about combining all of your dental care into a single, sedation visit! Are you in need of a filling? Chat with one of our friendly team members to schedule your appointment today!

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