CEREC technology puts Merion Village Dentistry ahead of your average dental provider.

An in-office milling solution gives us the ability to create custom restorations in a single day, saving our patients from the agitation of waiting weeks for dental restorations to ship from an off-site dental lab.

CEREC helps us deliver more efficient dental care by providing:

  • Same day dental crowns and onlays
  • Digital impressions, rather than messy goo-based impressions
  • A precision fit on dental restorations
  • Custom shade-matching allowing restorations to look extremely natural
  • Dental solutions without the use of a 3rd party lab

CEREC uses high definition 3D imaging to capture a virtual impression of your prepared teeth. It’s a great alternative to traditional crowns or onlays that typically take 2 visits over a span of 10-14 days to complete. All CEREC restorations are made of tooth-shaded resin that blends right in with your smile and functions the same as a traditional crown.

What to expect at your CEREC appointment

A CEREC appointment takes a little longer than a traditional crown prep appointment, but that’s because all of the steps are completed in one sitting. After your tooth has damaged or decayed enamel removed, an impression is taken. Rather than sending you home, a short break allows our on-site equipment to create your custom restoration. Once completed, we permanently bond your crown or onlay into place, and send you home!

No more excuses. Same day CEREC treatments save you time!

If you’ve put your restorative needs off due to multiple appointments that require an inconvenient amount of time, then CEREC is the answer for you. Chat online today with a member of our team to schedule an appointment!

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