Oral Sedation

Does going to the dentist make your feel anxious?

Oral Sedation provides Merion Village Dentistry patients with a “light” sedation option. Whether you experience slight to moderate anxiety, sedation provides patients with a safe, convenient way to experience extraordinary dental care.

Light oral sedation allows our patients to benefit from opportunities like:

  • Relaxed nerves and reduced anxiety during dental care
  • Having all of your dental care completed in one appointment
  • Being alert enough to respond to simple questions during treatment
  • Feeling as if you’re taking a light nap through your appointment
  • Sedation that wears off quickly following your appointment

How oral sedation is administered

Prior to determining if sedation is appropriate for you, our sedation specialist will carefully review your medical history and ask you a few questions as needed. Once approved, a prescription strength medication is given to the patient one hour before their appointment. If needed, a second dose will be given at the time of treatment to further relax the patient.

While you will be awake enough to move or answer basic questions during your treatment, the majority of patients will not remember anything at all about their appointment. Since the medication takes a few hours to fully wear off, we request our patients have a friend of loved one drive them home following their appointment.

Dental anxiety is nothing to be embarrassed about

If you’ve been putting dental care off due to anxiety or fear, ask us about an oral sedation options to get your smile back on track. Chat online today to schedule your appointment with us!

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