Digital X-rays

At Merion Village Dental, we believe that digital radiography improves the quality of care we provide to our patients by keeping you well informed of your dental development.

Using smart technology, high resolution images of your teeth and mouth are instantly captured on an chair-side monitor that our team can use for both diagnosis and education.

By offering digital x-rays to our patients, Merion Village Dental is able to:

  • Provide patients with an up-close image regarding areas of concern
  • Reduce the amount of radiation our patients are exposed to
  • Shorten the time needed during a routine or emergency dental exam
  • Eliminate film processing errors and the need for re-exposure
  • Eliminates the need for processing chemicals to be kept on-site

By capturing an electronic image, the x-rays can easily be enlarged for patient consultation purposes, and are always available at the click of a button. By going digital, we reduce the harmful and potential effect of radiation from traditional x-rays.

Digital x-rays significantly enhance your dental care.

The process of taking a digital dental x-ray may not feel much different from the traditional route. You will be asked to bite down on a sensor while and image is taken, but with digital x-rays the image is available instantly. Routine radiographs enable us to quickly identify areas of bone loss or tooth decay in areas where a thorough visual exam cannot.


Are you experiencing dental symptoms that are causing you concern?

A digital x-ray might just help us narrow down the underlying cause of those pesky symptoms. Chat with a member of our team today to schedule your appointment in minutes!

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