Pediatric Dentistry

A kid-friendly dental practice that makes your child’s appointment an adventure!

We provide a comprehensive range of pediatric dentistry services administered by a friendly and fun dental team that your child will absolutely love.

Columbus, Ohio’s top dentist for kids

Our pediatric dentistry services allow us to meet the needs of every patient and address any concerns of the parents. With excited attitudes and lots of smiles, we will walk your child through each step of the following services:

  • Kid-friendly exams and cleanings
  • Fluoride treatments for children
  • Protective sealants
  • Oral hygiene instruction and dietary guidance
  • Assistance with giving up thumb sucking or pacifier use
  • Restorative treatments

We provide hands-on visits to help your child relax during dental visits.

We know that children are often a bit anxious about visiting the dentist. The first time your child visits our office, we will get them excited about their appointment. We will walk them around our exam room, letting the, see the equipment and showing them first-hand what each instrument does. We’ll even let them control the chair and have some fun before we get started!

Early dental care is important for lifelong smiles!

When your child has their first tooth, or celebrates their first birthday, it’s time to schedule a check-up at Merion Village Dental. Our kids dental specialists recommend pediatric patients see us every 6 months for a cleaning, examination, and x-rays.

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