Fluoride to Strengthen Teeth

Fluoride treatment is an excellent way for Merion Village Dental to build enamel and strengthen teeth.

Fluoride treatment may help strengthen tooth enamel that is weak or prone to decay. Merion Village Dental’s Columbus office uses only the safest dosage amounts on our patients and may prescribe at home dosages for patients with increased sensitivity.

By adding a professional fluoride treatment to your routine cleaning, we can:

  • Strengthen tooth enamel that has been weakened
  • Reverse or reduce tooth sensitivity
  • Encourage healthy tooth formation
  • Reduce the appearance of white spots on the teeth

We gently administer fluoride treatments in a gel tray or brush on varnish. This allows the mineral to have an increased contact time with the enamel to optimize its uptake into the tooth structure. Over the counter fluoride rinses have only a small percentage of what is contained in our professional treatments.

How does fluoride treatment work?

We apply fluoride after dental cleanings so that the mineral can be absorbed into the microscopic pores (tubules) of the tooth enamel. As fluoride deposits in these areas, they re-calcify weakened structures and block the pores off from external stimulants such as acids or sugars. This also prevents oversensitive nerves from being overstimulated and reduces the risk of sensitivity in areas of gum recession or thin enamel.

Fluoride treatment can be delivered to all ages!

Merion Village Dental provides fluoride treatment for all children after their cleanings, or to adults upon request. If you’ve struggled with sensitive teeth, or a history of decay, then fluoride is an affordable and preventive way to protect your smile for years to come.


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