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7 Tips for Staying Cavity Free This Holiday Season

December 22, 2015

Merion Village

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Holiday CookiesThe holiday season is one of the hardest times of the year to stay on top of your dental health. With constant traveling, an unending supply of sweets, and so much to get done, many of us forget to brush and floss as we should.

But our teeth do not get a special pass just because it is Christmas. So if you are worried about finding a cavity in your stocking this year, here are 7 ways to keep on top of your dental hygiene for the holidays:

Try Out Some Fluoride Mouth Wash

Good for when you are on the go or to supplement your brushing regimen, using a mouthwash that contains fluoride can help strengthen your teeth’s enamel, helping them withstand the extra pressure put on them by the holidays.

Pack a Dental Hygiene Kit

Since many of us spend a good portion of the holidays away from our own home, get into the habit of packing a small dental kit. This should include your toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss. This way, you can brush after every meal, no matter where you are.

If You Are a Sipper, Stick to Water

If you are prone to nursing the same drink for hours at a party, replace whatever’s in that glass with some water. Especially if you are drinking soda, constant sipping continually exposes teeth to harmful acids. Either switch to water or finish that glass already!

Go Easy on the Sweets

This may be a tough one, but you will be glad you passed on the cookies, candy, and sugary drinks this year. The bacteria in plaque use sugar to produce acid, which does a number on your enamel.

Sweets are one of the major pitfalls for oral health during the holidays, with the taffies and hard candies being the biggest problem. These sweets stay in contact with your teeth for long periods of time and can pull lose a crown or filling.

If you cannot help yourself, at least go for the dark, rather than the milk chocolate. Studies have found an association between heart health and dental health, which means it might be wise to stick with dark chocolate. Chocolate that’s over 60 percent cocoa contains flavonoids, which is actually good for your heart.

Schedule Your Yearly Dental Exam

One of the best ways to avoid cavities during the holidays is to schedule your semi-annual teeth cleaning. A professional’s tools can clean in ways your toothbrush cannot so start off on the right foot before beginning the festivities.

Start Your Resolution Early – Brush & Floss Regularly

If you have been slacking on your dental care, there is no need to wait until the first of the year to get back into a routine. Start that resolution early, and commit to yourself to brush and floss at least twice a day, preferably after meals.

And if You Do Discover a Cavity…

A cavity can strike the best of us, even if we have taken positive steps to prevent one. If you do happen to find yourself with a cavity this month, at Merion Village Dental, we are happy to help you address it and get back to the festivities as quickly and painlessly as possible. Just call or contact our office online and we will be happy to make an appointment for you.

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