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Articles from: June 2015

5 Quick and Easy Tips to Protect Your Child’s Teeth on Vacation

June 15, 2015

Merion Village

Categories: Children's Dentistry

Whether you are traveling to a far-flung exotic locale or just going on that next camping trip, you are probably wondering how you can minimize any disruption to the healthy routines that you have established for your kids. Fortunately, we can help! We have some healthy teeth tips for traveling that will ensure your child…
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6 Questions You Are too Shy to Ask About Straightening Your Teeth

June 03, 2015

Merion Village

Categories: Invisalign

Have you been considering straightening your teeth for a long time now? Don’t sit on the fence any longer! Oftentimes, people hesitate to perfect their smile, because they have lingering doubts and concerns about the procedure. In this post, we’ll address some of the top questions people have about teeth straightening. In particular, we’ll focus…
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