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Types Of Dental Fillings

July 20, 2023


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Columbus Ohio Dental Fillings

If you’ve had a cavity or a chipped tooth, chances are you’re familiar with the concept of dental fillings! These remarkable restorative materials play a crucial role in keeping your smile healthy and beautiful.

While the diagnosis of needing a filling is simple, with many types of fillings and benefits to each, we’re here to bring you the information you need to make an informed decision about your dental care. Let’s dive into the world of dental fillings!

Quality Tooth Repair Takes A Quality Filling

Your Columbus Ohio tooth repair usually involves a dental filling! After a cavity has eaten away enamel, fillings can stop the decay by filling holes, and even repair chipped teeth. Let’s break down each filling type and what they can bring to your oral health.


Amalgam fillings, also known as silver fillings, have been used in dentistry for over 150 years. They are made up of a mixture of metals, including silver, tin, copper, and mercury. With mercury being used in the filling metal, they’ve caused a lot of concern over toxins possibly leaking into the patient. The toxicity has never been conclusively proven, but the possible hazard is one of the reasons we stay away from amalgam fillings.


Ceramic fillings, also known as porcelain fillings or inlays/onlays, are made with a type of dental ceramic that is strong, durable, and tooth-colored. The fillings are custom-made in a dental laboratory to fit your tooth precisely and can be used to replace old fillings or to repair larger areas of decay.

Even though they’re a more natural substance than amalgams, they are more expensive than amalgam or composite fillings due to additional time and resources required to create them. They also may require more preparation of the tooth before the filling is placed, and not all types of mouths and decay are compatible with the material. That leaves your options down to composite!


In addition to looking fantastic, composite fillings are the best choice for comprehensive tooth repair. Composites are made with a combination of ceramic and plastic material that adheres directly to enamel and may be positioned practically anywhere. Each composite filling can be individually colored to match the specific tooth it’s filling and blend in seamlessly with your mouth.

Why We Choose Composite

At Merion Village Dental, we prefer to offer Columbus Ohio composite fillings. With an invisible look and the highest grade materials available at our dentistry, we love composite fillings because they’re:

  • Less invasive than other fillings
  • Mercury-free, to protect your smile and oral health
  • Usable on non-traditional areas, such as chipped front teeth
  • Able to restore teeth back to normal function

With all of these benefits, your teeth will feel healthier and look great with a composite filling, done during a stress-free appointment at our office.

Refresh Your Dental Health With Us!

Don’t let tooth decay or tooth chipping take away your confidence. Schedule an appointment with no hassle for your fillings, or combine them with your regular checkup for one simple visit. Contact us today and regain your seamless smile with composite fillings!

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