The Tooth Fairy is waiting to hear from you!

Have you recently lost a tooth? Now is the perfect time to write the tooth fairy a letter and let her know! At Merion Village Dental, we have a special relationship with the tooth fairy and we can make sure that you are on her list of kids to visit!

All you have to do is fill out the form below and leave the rest to us!


We will be sure to let the Tooth Fairy know about your tooth so be on the lookout for a visit from her!

Have some questions about loosing your tooth that you want to ask the Tooth Fairy?

Check out the most common questions she gets asked below!

Why do we lose our baby teeth?

Other than providing a pretty smile, our teeth are used for chewing our food and giving us the nutrients we need. As we grow we need to eat more foods that provide more nutrients so we need stronger teeth. That's when we begin to lose our baby teeth and our adult teeth come in.

Does everyone lose their baby teeth?

Not everyone will lose their baby teeth. Sometimes people will keep a few of them and that's okay. Everyone is different.

How many teeth will I lose?

Most kids lose all 20 of their teeth (10 from the top and 10 from the bottom). These will then be replaced by 32 adult teeth as you grow.

How do we lose our baby teeth?

The adult tooth will begin to push the baby tooth out of the way when it is ready to move into its spot. You need to remember to be patient and let this happen naturally.

When will my tooth fall out?

Your tooth will fall out naturally when it is ready. Most kids will have lost all their teeth by the time they are 12 or 13 years old. But remember, everyone is different and you could lose your teeth faster or slower than your friend.

Does it hurt to lose a tooth?

Your mouth may be a little tender when you eat or chew but it should not be painful.

What does the Tooth Fairy do with all the teeth?

We have heard that she polishes all the teeth until they are sparkly and clean and then places them in her very special tooth library.

Do animals lose their teeth too?

Yes, they do. Some animals, like sharks, will lose their teeth and get new ones their whole entire life!

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