Resources for Parents

Hey parentsĀ – we are here to help you develop lifelong dental habits with your children! Check out our helpful resources designed to give you practical insight into your child’s dental care!

Helpful Tips for Your Child’s Dental Health!

You can implement lifelong habits beginning today that will equip your children to have healthy teeth and gums. Here’s a quick look at the at-home habits that contribute to healthy smiles!

First Visit

Beginning at age 3, we recommend that your child is scheduled for his/her first visit.


Healthy snacks are not always what they seem. Learn more about child nutrition.


Better safe than sorry. If your child fell or had an accident, come see us.


Nowadays, it's rare to be born with straight teeth. Find out the best time to have your child evaluated.


Keep away the sugarbugs and maintain a healthy smile with flossing and brushing.


Your child's teeth: when do they get them, when do they lose them.

Get the Advice You Need Right Now!

We have kids, too! We know that there are a million questions that come to your mind about your child’s dental care – from flossing techniques to questions about loose teeth. Go ahead, ask us anything about your child’s dental health!

Is it time for your child's routine dental exam?

At Merion Village Dental, we absolutely love making dental care fun and educational If it's been 6 month's since your child's last appointment, it's time for a dental visit! Chat with us online to schedule your child's appointment!

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