Coming Back Soon! - This time, lunch is on us.

Is your work schedule making it hard for you to come in and see us? We provide lunchtime appointments that are efficient and remarkably convenient – we even give you lunch on your way out!

Coming Back Soon!!


Schedule your dental appointment on Monday – Friday (between the hours of 11am – 1pm), and Merion Village will provide you with a boxed lunch to take with you after your appointment. If you’ve been putting off dental care because you can’t spend hours away from the office, our Lunch Brunch program is perfect for you.

Proud partners with Freshbox Catering!Join us for lunch!

We purchase our lunches from Freshbox Catering here in Columbus, Ohio. When you choose to schedule a Lunch Bunch appointment you will be provided with the following lunch:

  • Turkey sandwich or salad
  • Chips
  • An apple
  • A cookie

And the best part? The money we spend on your lunch goes toward Faith Mission Shelters; an organization that is committed to “creating a better world by serving people in need.”

Come lunch with us!

Stop in and get your smile polished and a free lunch on your next lunch hour. We want to make the most of your time and provide you with a clean smile and full stomach to return so that you can make the most of your work day!

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