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Your Wisdom Teeth Grew In, Now What?

August 16, 2022

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wisdom teeth extraction in Columbus Ohio

Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Pulled Can Be Scary

Something you may not look forward to as you come of age? Wisdom teeth removal

Most people eventually need to get their wisdom teeth pulled. And while this procedure is extremely common, that doesn’t make it any less intimidating. It’s important to schedule your appointment with a dentist you trust from initial consultation to post-op follow up(s). In this article, we walk you through the entire extraction process. Read on to learn how to tell if your wisdom teeth are impacted and they play-by-play of surgery – including recovery!

What Exactly Are Wisdom Teeth?

The short answer is, they are extra molars that grow in the 4 corners of your mouth, normally between the ages of 17-25. Some people are fortunate enough to grow wisdom teeth that don’t cause any issues, however, for most of us this isn’t the case.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Most people grow impacted wisdom teeth, which means that they cause all kinds of problems in their mouth. When your wisdom teeth are impacted, there isn’t enough space in your mouth for them to grow in. It’s cases like these that call for necessary extraction as soon as possible. If left alone, you’ll experience chronic pain and potentially notice your teeth shifting.

Additionally, impacted wisdom teeth could possibly: 

  • Grow in at an angle, hitting your other molar.
  • Grow in at a 90 degree angle within your jaw or “lying down”. 
  • Trap food behind the wisdom tooth. 
  • Cause infection or gum disease. 
  • Cause tooth decay in partially grown teeth.

What To Expect From Your Surgery

If your wisdom teeth have grown in and they’re causing problems (or pain), talk to your dentist about extraction options. This almost always calls for oral surgery, which you can choose to be put asleep using general anesthesia or numbed. The thought of this alone may trigger anxiety, so it’s important to know the facts surrounding professional wisdom tooth extraction surgery.

Are There Any Risks?

With any surgery comes risks, but don’t worry, the risks associated with getting your wisdom teeth pulled are minimal. The most common risks include: 

  • Dry sockets.
  • Infection in sockets from bacteria.
  • Damage to other teeth.

While these risks are important to be aware of, following your post-op instructions and keeping the extraction area clean you’ll be in great shape.

How Does Wisdom Teeth Removal Work?

If you choose general anesthesia, your dentist or oral surgeon will first put you under. Deciding whether or not to be put under will be ironed out during your initial consultation. If you have a personal preference you should ask what your doctor suggests during your consultation. Once you are either asleep or numbed, here’s how your dentist will extract each wisdom tooth:

  1. They’ll make an incision to expose the tooth and the bone.
  2. Then remove the bone that blocks access to the tooth root.
  3. From there, the tooth may be divided in order to remove it completely.
  4. The extraction area will be cleaned, and then stitched to close the wound.
  5. Finally, gauze will be placed over the stitches to add extra protection for the first day or so.

Recovery Time

As with any surgery, a recovery time must be factored in so you can heal! Recovery times vary. Expect a rough estimate from your dentist and instructions on how to take care of yourself in the upcoming weeks. This includes what to do after surgery and a few common things to expect:

  • Bleeding, Swelling, and Bruising: This is completely normal after surgery. Use ice packs to help the swelling and bruising, and follow your doctor’s instructions on when to change the gauze. 
  • Food and Beverages: While you’re in recovery only eat soft foods like yogurt and applesauce while staying away from alcoholic, carbonated, and hot beverages.
  • Pain Management: Your doctor will prescribe you medication to help manage pain and give you direct instructions on how to take them.
  • Smoking: Avoid smoking for at least 72 hours!

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Is Our Speciality

It’s common to question the process of getting your wisdom teeth removed. After all, it is a surgery! Merion Village Dental has proudly served the Greater Columbus Area with expert extraction services to ensure your experience is as comfortable as possible. Schedule your consultation today to get the answers you need.

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