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Sarah’s Story

March 14, 2014

Merion Village

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The general consensus is that dentists are in the “teeth business.” Available for six-month checkups and emergency examinations, some equate the maintenance that the average dentist provides to a mechanic at a nearby Jiffy Lube. That view, however, is not an accurate depiction of all dentists.

As founding partner Dr. Harvey Vesha frequently tells his patients and staff, “We’re not just here to clean teeth!”

“We’re in the business of changing lives”, says Dr. Greg Janikian, partner of Merion Village Dental. “A beautiful smile goes a long way. You wouldn’t believe how many patients tell me on a daily basis that their confidence level had improved and professional career had advanced after a routine cosmetic procedure.”

Meet Sarah Bell, MVD patient and role model for teenage girls. A current Ohio University student with a concentration in broadcast journalism, Sarah understands the impact that her beautiful smile has had on her life.

“I’ve been coming to Merion Village Dental for as long as I can remember”, states Sarah. “Dr. Janikian was my first dentist, and I’ve been a patient ever since!”

Not only is Sarah a loyal MVD patient, but she is also an aspiring model.

“My dream of modeling began in the tenth grade when I entered my first beauty pageant. With constant bullying, high school is very tough for a lot of children. I decided to enter pageants to help build my self-confidence and escape bullying from other girls.”

“Modeling and beauty pageants have changed my life… I am now much more confident than I was three years ago”, states Sarah. “I’d like to become a role model for teenage girls and show them that it is, in fact, possible to escape bullying by encouraging them to find their inner beauty and to stop focusing on what others think and say.”

The impact of frequent dental visits and at-home oral care is not lost on Sarah.

“Overall, Merion Village Dental has helped me by keeping my smile nice and clean and instilling the importance of proper dental care at a very early age. My smile helps me maintain my confidence, which is much-needed when attempting to enter the world of modeling.”

Sarah has entered a nationwide modeling contest hosted by e.l.f. makeup and is currently ranked near the top ten out of thousands of entrants. If you would like to help her campaign, you can vote for her by visiting the link below and clicking the pink “vote for me!” button on her profile page.

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